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Registered Users can access advanced features such as:

  - Personal Traject lists (Your traject lists are automaticly saved for when you come back another day).
  - Expand traject details
  - Edit traject details or add comments (The yellow lamp will be green if a comment exists (hover over it))
  - User preferences such as your preferred traject and language are restored at logon
  - Export your trajectlists to PDF, Excel or other CSV compatible software

     Note: Export to Excel feature doesn't generate an excel file,
            the compensation sheet from the NMBS is write+copyright protected.
            therefore we have created an automated script which will fill in the excel sheet for you!

            Persons behind a secure firewall should download the text version and remove the .txt file extension!

       1) Install MS excell 97 or higher
       2) Download the automated script
       3) Download the compensation sheet in the same directory
       4) Run the automated script, it will start excell and fill everything in!